KIDS Home Story: Four Rooms Across Europe

In the children’s room, anything is possible. It’s a sanctuary from the restrictions and boundaries of the outside world, where only their creativity defines the limits.

We’ve had the pleasure of being invited into the homes of four different women who have opened the doors to their children’s rooms, and shared their personal approaches to decorating as well as their best tips at how to create a harmonious space for your little one.



Els Lambrechts

Els Lambrechts is a creative entrepreneur from Belgium with a passion for soul food. Els lives with her husband and two sons, Louis and Marcel. Els believes that the most important factor in creating a harmonious space for your little one is to attempt to see the world from their perspective. Nine-year-old Marcel is the family’s budding biologist, and his room is filled with his favourite things, most notably from the animal kingdom, mirrored throughout his room in unique, personal ways.


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a kid’s room?

To listen to your kid. Marcel is a sweet, sensitive soul who loves all the earth’s animals, so when creating a space for him, we wanted it to reflect his interests and his way of seeing the world – to bring his story into the room.



How have you made the room cosy?

We prefer soft tones, a selection of different textures, warm light and objects that tell their own story. I also tried to create a few little corners where he can read, find some peace, sleep and play.


What is your favourite part of Marcel’s room?

His favourite part is mine as well – it’s the chalk wall. It’s so much more than just a wall. We prefer telling bedtime stories based on what’s on the wall, instead of reading books, and around Sinterklaas, I draw a countdown calendar on the wall. I try to trigger his imagination and creativity because it takes you a so far in life as you grow up. With these drawings that are currently on the chalk wall, I have also tried to take away his fear of monsters and vampires – we were inspired by the beautiful Katie Scott bed linen from ferm LIVING.


How does Marcel like to spend time in his room?

He likes to have a look at his animals and show them to his friends, read a book, play… but most importantly, it’s his private space to retreat and find some peace. It’s also a place where he and I can have a little us-time, usually before he goes to bed. We have a little chit-chat and sometimes he shares little secrets with me. We’ve placed a notebook and some pencils next to his bed, and every day he records the most memorable moment from the day in it. I can’t wait to give it to him when he one day becomes a father himself, and I hope he will keep our little tradition alive by passing it on.


Do you have any good tips for other parents who are decorating their child’s room? Anything in particular to keep in mind?

Listen to your kid, follow their interests and try to see the world through their little eyes. You might find some magic and lots of inspiration there. Make their room the story of who they are and a collection of what they love.




Madelon Meijer

Madelon Meijer has kindly invited us inside her home in the Netherlands. Having recently launched her own lifestyle web shop, Madelon is an independent entrepreneur and mother to four-year-old Fayen. Madelon’s ambition for Fayen’s room has been to create a space where she can feel comfortable and safe. She’s done so by incorporating pieces that bring joy to Fayen, building a place where memories can be created.


How have you made Fayen’s room so cosy?

We have hung a canopy over her bed, which gives her room a calm atmosphere and provides her with a place where she can retreat and relax. In addition to this, we’ve added cuddly toys, pillows, soft bed linen and a cosy rug – textiles can really transform a room!

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a kid’s room?

In my opinion, it is especially important that a child feels comfortable and safe in their room. It should be filled with accessories and toys that makes them happy; things that they want to play with. The room should be a place where lovely memories are created.



What is your favourite part of Fayen’s room?

Definitely the space around her bed. The canopy, the pouf, the pillows and the rug create such a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

What is Fayen’s favourite thing about her room?

She loves to play with her kitchen and her dollhouse which is occupied by toy mice. She mostly uses her room for playing in, as she prefers sleeping with mum and dad.

Do you have any good tips for other parents decorating their kid’s room? Anything in particular to keep in mind?

I have decorated Fayen’s room is by taking the time to understand what she enjoys. I recommend creating different spaces in the room: one section for sleeping, another for relaxing or being creative, one for doing schoolwork and another for playing. Make the room feel warm and cosy by using soft materials and painting the walls in your child’s favourite colour.



Mette Norrild

Welcome to the home of Mette Norrild. Mette works as legal assistant at a law firm and lives on the island of Fyn in Denmark with her husband and two children, Frederik, 4, and Johanne, 1. For Mette, functionality and storage play a key factor in her children’s rooms, where new, playful items fuse together with inherited herilooms to create a space where childlike imagination can flow freely.


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a kid’s room?

Functionality and storage. Naturally, you want to create a cosy and nicely decorated kid’s room, but functionality and storage are incredibly important. Ample storage for toys means that everything can easily be stored away, while it can just as easily be found when a new play session begins. My experience is that the kids have an easier time getting into the spirit of play if their toys have a designated spot in the room and are put back in these places once they are done playing.



Tell us a little bit about your children’s favourite spaces…

In addition to our children’s bedrooms, the kids share a playroom where they can play during the day. This room is located on the ground floor, directly next to our kitchen-dining area, which is the heart of our home. When they are in the playroom, only their imagination sets the boundaries. We really value having a playroom in such close proximity to where we spend most of our time at home. That way, the kids can be close to us while they play, and it makes it easier to gather all of their toys in the playroom and close the door to any mess in the evenings.


Do you have a favourite part of your children’s rooms?

I love the teak furniture in the playroom. They are pieces that I inherited from my grandparents, so they mean a lot to me, and the large teak sideboard is great for storage. I also love the Apple and Pear Braided Baskets from ferm LIVING – they are beautiful and incredibly functional when it comes to storing toys and teddies.


How do you make the kid’s room cosy?

You can get far with a limited budget by adding a variety of colours, rugs and textiles. In addition to this, I have attempted to create different areas and sections for playing in the room.


Do you have any good tips for other parents decorating their kid’s room? Anything in particular to keep in mind?

Make a list of the functional aspects you would like your child’s room to have. Whether it’s a reading corner, a desk and a chair, a bed, a closet for their clothes, a pinboard, a play kitchen…try to map out the functional spaces and go from there. I also suggest looking for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest – you can get so many fun, creative ideas!



Marie Ålund

Marie Ålund runs her own company, Willieandmillie, while also working as a Sales Coordinator where she lives in the village of Holmsund in Northern Sweden. Marie has three children: William, or Willie, who turns 10 soon, Millie, 7, and little Oliver, who is 3 years old. Marie recommends letting your child’s personality shine through in their respective rooms and allowing for colourful details while mixing vintage with contemporary design.


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a kid’s room?

I try to capture their individual interests and let their personalities shine through. I let them be a part of the process while we decorate, so that they can be proud of their rooms and enjoy them to the fullest. I want their rooms to be a place where they can play and have fun, while also being a space where they can rest and relax. This means that good storage is important for storing toys away and making it easy for the kids to reach and play with them.




Tell us a little bit about your children’s favourite spaces…

William is the oldest and his room is a bit 80’s-inspired. It’s where he retreats when he wants to be alone and unbothered by his siblings, and it’s the space where he sleeps, draws, builds and plays video games. Millie spends most of her time in her pink and yellow room playing with friends or by herself – she does sleep in her room, but because she is afraid of the dark, she often joins us in our bed at night. It’s a room filled with pillows to make it cosy, and she has a lot of good storage, giving her easy access to anything she wants to play with.

Oliver’s room is downstairs and is full of colour and imagination. He mainly uses it to play in, as he still sleeps in the corner of our big open bedroom. He does have a bed in his room, but it’s mostly for plush animals and sometimes for a rest in the daytime. He is happy with most things in his room, but he especially likes his little desk where he often sits and draws.


Do you have a favourite part of your children’s rooms?

My favorite room has always been the littlest one’s. So right now, it’s Olivers room because I just love small children’s beds and cute furniture for the youngest members of the family. The ferm LIVING Little Architect Table and Chair is a favourite, as is the Toro Play Kitchen. Everything in miniature is so cute!



How do you make the kid’s room cosy?

By using calm colors on the wall and by playing different textures: pillows, textiles and other details. I often have a mix of vintage and contemporary designs and find a lot of unique items at flea markets. I especially enjoy adding cosy lamps and textiles.


Do you have any good tips for other parents decorating their kid’s room? Anything in particular to keep in mind?

You can never go wrong with having good storage. Try to make the room ideal for playtime and for freeing the imagination, while also being a place where the little ones can feel calm. Mix contemporary designs with vintage, and use different colours to create fun details.