We Work For a Better Tomorrow

Our view on responsibility

Our Perspective on Responsibility

At ferm LIVING, we embrace life's contrasts, seeing them as opportunities for growth. We want to empower individuals to confidently create spaces for a more sustainable existence, with products that reflect our design philosophy. We recognise our role in guiding this journey, inspiring change and enabling responsible choices.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to both environmental and social contexts, with an unwavering goal to communicate our advancements and enhance transparency. Our responsibility  ambition: 'We work for a better tomorrow, so you can feel good about your choices today' is To this end, we have set out an ambitious responsibility strategy centred   around nine 2030 Commitments spanning the themes 'Our Planet,' 'Our Society' and 'Our Community.'

Our passionate team, including our Changemaker ambassadors, is dedicated to driving progress, undertaking initiatives, projects and actions to ensure continuous improvement at every level—from material selection and design processes to production methods, logistics and culture.

Our commitments extend to the durability and longevity of our designs, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Following stringent Responsible criteria and established frameworks, we adopt a cradle-to-grave approach, meticulously considering the entire lifecycle of our products. And we continually work to integrate more responsible materials and methods into our future designs.

Dedicated to responsible production, we work with certifications and testing to encourage better ways, better products and to safeguard fair working conditions in our supply chain. Our long-lasting partnerships with suppliers and craftspeople are built on mutual respect, transparency and consideration, where everyone is empowered to explore opportunities for responsible business and better living.

Working towards reducing our impact on the environment, we use a climate screening tool to measure the CO2 footprint of our products and to gain valuable knowledge and data for our future targets. We are proud to participate in the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, and report our progress in our annual Responsibility Report, holding ourselves accountable for our efforts.

Placing sustainability at the forefront of the Danish design agenda is vital in shaping the future of design, bringing sustainability into the spotlight. We recognise that our journey towards increased responsibility and sustainability has no fixed endpoint. As the world evolves, so do our goals, shaped by the invaluable lessons learned along the path toward a better tomorrow.

Our 2023 Responsibility Report

Our 2022 Responsibility Report

Our 2021 Responsibility Report



Our 2030 Commitments

Our Planet

- Create full transparency on all products
- Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible
- Work towards CO2-neutrality


Our Society

- Build value on all bottom lines: people, planet, profit & purpose
- Inspire customers to make responsible choices
- Give back to local communities in support of better homes


Our Community

- Maintain a strong culture with clear values & purpose
- Nurture long-lasting relations built on trust and respect
- Empower all of us to learn and grow together