ferm LIVING lamps can light up any room

For us, lighting is about much more than just the light that’s distributed throughout your home. It’s about authentic design with a distinct functionality that can change the entire character of a room. The right lighting is of critical importance to your home’s decor. So it’s vital to choose the kind of lighting that ensures optimum light distribution and that contributes to the ambience you wish to create.

Whether you prefer an artistic touch, clean lines or classic silhouettes, you will find light fittings that can light up any room at ferm LIVING. Lighting that enhances the details of each individual room, making your home a cosy and inviting place to be. Whether you’re looking for stylish yet functional lighting or low-key mood lighting, we design unique light fitting collections so you can create a space to be yourself. Explore our many light fitting designs and get inspiration for personal lighting in all of your rooms.

Find the right lighting for the living room

The living room is one of the major hubs of the home. This means that the room often has multiple functions, which leads to various lighting requirements. There must be sufficient light to sit in a small reading corner and indulge in a good book, or do some intricate needlework. When playing board games, functional lighting is needed over the coffee table, and dark corners should be illuminated with decorative mood lighting.

When you need to find the right lighting for the living room, it’s a good idea to decorate with multiple light fittings that emit different light depending on your needs. In particular, dark corners can make a room seem smaller, so you can opt to place a table lamp on a side table, put a floor lamp in the corner or hang a beautiful pendant light from the ceiling as a decoration in itself. The light fittings in your home are always visible, so you should choose light sources that look good even when they’re off.

Stylish light fittings for the bedroom

At ferm LIVING, you will find light fittings in elegant designs to suit any room and style of decor. Our goal is always to provide inspiration to create a personal style in your home, where you can just be yourself. That’s why the lighting in your bedroom should be both atmospheric and soothing, so it’s easier to relax before going to sleep.

If you have a wardrobe and mirror in the bedroom, you need natural, soft lighting with good colour rendering for when you’re getting dressed. At the same time, you also need a good ceiling light that will cast light into the room and not just downward, so you can see what’s in your wardrobe. For reading in bed, an anti-glare night light or wall lamp will work well for both mood lighting and as a reading light. This will allow you to achieve optimal light conditions in all situations.

Collect Lighting – design your own light

Our elegant pendant light is at the heart of the COLLECT Lighting collection. The pendant light can be used on its own with a decorative bulb to create ambient lighting, or with any of the collection’s other lampshades to illuminate the room, depending on the style and mood.

We have a wide selection of lampshades with light-reflecting linings in multiple sizes that you can hang over the kitchen table, the desk in the home office or in the reading corner. For instance, you can choose between a dome-shaped lampshade, a cone-shaped lampshade or a flat drum-shaped pendant light. Regardless of design, lampshades can create a warm atmosphere and act as a sculptural element in various rooms of the home.

Get inspiration for personal interior design at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, we offer unique light fitting designs for any style of decor. Need inspiration on how to decorate your rooms with the right lighting? Then discover our many light fittings and lampshades for lots of new ideas for a personalised and unique look. If you have questions, you can always contact us by phone on +45 7022 7523 or send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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