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Liba Watering Can

Where: Denmark
Employees: 12
Established in: 1948

In the small railway town of Glumsø lies the factory that produces our Liba Watering Cans. The factory was established in 1948 and now employs 12 people, who specialize in producing a wide range of recycled plastic solutions for their customers. The factory has worked with recycled plastic for 20 years and is renowned for their excellence in producing intricate technical elements, components for industrial machines, household items and interiors.

Sourcing from an external supplier, the factory uses HDPE granulate made from post-consumer packaging waste for our Liba Watering Cans. Once the granulate arrives at the factory in Glumsø, a specific dye is added to give the Liba Watering Can its beautiful colours. The granulate is heated up into a porous mass. This mass is then poured into a mould, where it is blown into shape using a process called blow moulding. From here, the Liba Watering Can is released from the mould. The blow moulding process always leaves a certain amount of excess material, which is carved free from the watering can by hand by one skilled employee.

It is their expertise in turning post-consumer plastic packaging waste into resourceful innovations, which has led the factory in Glumsø to produce 17.000 Liba Watering Cans every year.

Certifications: DBI, DTI and UN










Function meets responsible design in our Liba Watering Can. With its lightweight, streamlined and intriguing form, this modern take on a classic gardening utensil recalls classic clay water pitchers from the past. Equally functional and decorative, the Liba Watering Can has a generous capacity of five litres, and fits as well on your balcony as it does in your living room. As it is made entirely from post-consumer plastic packaging waste as opposed to virgin plastic, the small, subtle variations in the final material make each watering can unique.


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