Copenhagen City Guide

We love our hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark. Having served as the most inspiring setting in which to explore and evolve, the city has helped to shape us: the atmosphere, the flourishing design scene, and not to mention the fantastic culture and history.

We want to share that love with you, and have therefore compiled a list of some of our favourite things to do in the city – a ferm LIVING guide to the Copenhagen classics. The following is a list of things we like to do ourselves, and that we feel makes the city unique – a place for us to feel comfortable in what and who we are.


Eat a Classic 'Hindbærsnitte'

Don't be fooled by what you see: it may look like a pop tart, but the raspberry slice – known to locals as hindbærsnitte, is one of our favourites when it comes to sweet treats. The boom of fancy bakeries in recent years has resulted in endless varieties of this classic, but the traditional version with white glazing and colourful sprinkles will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Have a Glass by the Canals

 The winters tend to be dark and long when you live so far North, so a euphoric atmosphere hits the city along with the first signs of spring. The city is rich in cafes with outdoor seating, but sometimes less is more: stop by a wine bar and grab a bottle to go, and instead find the perfect spot by the canals to experience Copenhagen life at its finest.

Cross Knippelsbro by Bike

Few things feel more Copenhagen-like than cycling over one of the old bridges in a headwind. Taking your bike, in spite of the cruelty of wind and weather, is characteristic of the rebellious nature of Copenhagen bikers. Afterwards, you deserve a cosy time on the sofa or your favourite café even more!

A View from Above

– Visit the old tower of Nikolaj Kunsthal
This church turned art gallery is worth a visit on your way through the streets of Copenhagen. If you go on Saturdays or Sundays, you can even visit the former church tower and get a view of the city from above. The church dates back to the 13th century, though the tower itself wasn't added before a few 300 years later. Today, the tower is the third highest in Copenhagen. If you suffer from a fear of heights, that shouldn't hold you back because the tour to the tower will only take you about 35 metres up.


Make yourself an open sandwich with potato on rye bread.

So, you've heard about Copenhagen. Maybe, you've even been here before. Which means that you have certainly heard of our famous smørrebrød. And while we could provide a long list of restaurants, we would much rather inspire you to make it yourself. And not just any, but our summer favourite: A kartoffelmad – otherwise known as potato on rye bread.

– Get a fresh loaf of rye bread from a bakery.
– Buy new potatoes at the greengrocer's.
– You’ll also need mayonnaise. It's not too tricky to make your own, but otherwise go for a store-bought version of high quality.
– Boil the potatoes for six minutes, then turn off the heat and leave them in the hot water for another six minutes or until tender. Leave to cool.
– Peel the potatoes. The skins of new potatoes come off easily, so we recommend using a small knife as opposed to a regular potato peeler.
– Spread a generous layer of butter onto a piece of rye-bread, slice the potatoes, and arrange them nicely on the bread.
– Add a dollop of mayonnaise on top and decorate with fresh chives, radishes, and roasted onions.
– A pinch of salt, a bit of pepper, and enjoy!

Wave ‘Hello’ to the Elephants in Frederiksberg Garden

Copenhagen ZOO is among the oldest in Europe, and the 11.000 acres are definitely worth a visit. If you're not in for the grand tour, however, you can visit the elephants in their new facilities from Frederiksberg Garden. Take a stroll through the lovely landscapes of the park and enjoy a picnic on the lawn of the castle once you've waved hello to the elephants.

Coffee and Magazines in Copenhagen Main Library

 Slow down the pace and go for a coffee and a croissant in the café of Copenhagen's main library. With large windows that face the streets of the old, inner part of the city and a large and broad selection of magazines, this is our favourite spot to spend a few quiet hours.

End the Day with Dinner

What would a visit to Copenhagen be without a night in one of its internationally acclaimed restaurants? The vivid scene bursts with bold cooking and new flavours, and we would need an entire magazine to name all of our favourites. Choose your preferred cuisine or try something new, but take this one piece of advice: make a reservation in advance.

Spend a Sunday in Thorvaldsens Museum

Sundays are a match made in heaven for art and galleries. Find new inspiration for the week ahead and treat your mind to classic art surrounded by distinctively modern colours on the walls of Thorvaldsens Museum, which houses the famous sculptures of Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1884). In his lifetime, he made pieces for the Pope, Napoleon, and many of the European royal families. His work is displayed all over the world, but in Thorvaldsens Museum, you get to experience the most extensive collection – in the most beautiful of settings.

Take a Dip in the Harbour

With water everywhere in the city, taking a dip in the harbour is a regular summer activity for many locals – on the weekends, during holidays, and on their way to and from work. Although we also have access to the ocean and lovely beaches just a little further out of the city centre, there’s something special about jumping off your bike and into the harbour. You can always visit the official harbour baths, but where’s the fun in that when you can find a secret spot of your own?.


The Home of ferm LIVING

At Kuglegården 1-5, you’ll find the Home of ferm LIVING. This Boutique & Showroom is our very first retail space, and on the floors above are our operational and creative staff. Here, our team of ferm LIVING designers are experimenting with new ideas and creating new collections of furniture, lighting and accessories for the home.

This is our universe of all things ferm LIVING, with a touch of vintage curio. It’s a universe that welcomes you home, that embraces the contrasts of life and creates an authentic and informal atmosphere that is at once intimate and inspiring – a space where you can always feel comfortably you.