Comfortably Cool, Copenhagen

A guide to our favourite spots in our beloved hometown


Over the years, as we have moved up and out into the world, we have allowed an international perspective to influence the way we see and experience Scandinavian design. We continue to work with artisans around the globe, but we do this while holding on to who we are and what made us so. Copenhagen is part of what shaped us: the atmosphere, the flourishing design scene and not least the fantastic culture and history of the city. So, now we're paying tribute to our much-loved hometown – embracing everything from hidden gems to the perpetually grey weather.

We have collected some of our personal favourites when it comes to Copenhagen classics: the things we like to do ourselves and that make the city unique to us – a place for us to feel comfortable in what and who we are.


With love,


Have Coffee and Drinks in Kødbyen

Kødbyen is Copenhagen’s former meatpacking district. Although the one-time industrial part of Vesterbro still carries the hallmarks of its unpolished past, the area has gone through an astonishing transformation over the years and is now filled with trendy eateries, coffee shops and bars. If you are looking for an afternoon boost of energy, Prolog Coffee Bar is the ideal place to enjoy a not only delicious but also sustainable cup of coffee amidst Kødbyen’s traditional tiled walls and industrial buildings. Visit Fleisch, a combined restaurant, bar and butcher to enjoy a delicious lunch in an authentic and contemporary setting that has been created with Kødbyen’s legacy in mind. If you wish to explore our city’s vivid nightlife, all you have to do is hang around Kødbyen till dinner, and wait for the fun to commence.


Cool off in Islands Brygge Harbour Bath

With so much surrounding water in the city, taking a dip in the harbour is a regular summer activity to many Copenhageners – on the weekends, during holidays and even on their way to and from work. Although we also have an ocean and lovely beaches, there is something magical about taking a dip in the middle of the city. With five different pools, Islands Brygge Harbour Bath is ideal for cooling off on hot summer days. Pack yourself a bag with your beach day essentials and favourite snacks and spend a lovely afternoon jumping in the harbour bath and sunbathing on the adjacent green grass.




Bohemian vibes at La Banchina

If you are longing for tranquil afternoons spent bathing and enjoying delicious food and drinks, you are sure to love La Banchina. Located on Refshaleøen, the informal and authentic eatery and sauna is a hidden gem. Open year-round, guests can enjoy eating and swimming throughout all of the unique seasons in our cherished city. In the summer, you can cool off your feet in the water while enjoying a cold glass of white wine on La Banchina’s wooden dock, while the saunas allow guests to comfortably enjoy the thrill of winter bathing during the colder seasons.

“We're paying tribute to our much-loved hometown – embracing everything from hidden gems to the perpetually grey weather.”


Spend the day on the Tower Playground in Fælledparken

Forget about swings and slides. The famous Tower Playground makes space for your little one to experience the city from above or pretend to be a politician for the day. In the south-west corner of Fælledparken, you will find the playground featuring the famous towers of our city: Our Savior's Church, Copenhagen City Hall, the Round Tower, the Marble Church and the tower of the stock exchange.


Traditional Cuisine at Schønnemann

Copenhagen has a vivid scene bursting with bold cooking and excellent cuisine, and we would need an entire magazine to name all of our favourites. Although we love to challenge our tastebuds with new flavours and foreign cuisines, it never hurts to return to the Danish classics that we know and love, while also exploring the more traditional and historic side of our beloved city. Schønnemann first opened in 1877, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen. Here, you will be able to enjoy some of the best traditional smørrebrød in a space where history is at the forefront of the experience.



A View from Above
– Visit the old tower of Nikolaj Kunsthal

This church turned art gallery is worth a visit on your way through the streets of Copenhagen. And if you go on Saturdays or Sundays, you can even experience the former church tower and get a view of the city from above. The church dates back to the 13th century, though the tower itself wasn't added before a few 300 years later. Today, the tower is the third highest in Copenhagen. If you suffer from a fear of heights, that shouldn't hold you back because the tour to the tower will only take you about 35 metres up.



Coffee and Magazines in Copenhagen Main Library

Slow down the pace and go for a coffee and a croissant in the café of Copenhagen's main library. With large windows that face the streets of the old, inner part of the city and a large and broad selection of magazines, this is one of our favourite spot to spend a few quiet hours.



Spend a Sunday in Thorvaldsens Museum

Sundays are a match made in heaven for art and galleries. Find new inspiration for the week ahead and treat your mind to classic art surrounded by distinctively modern colours on the walls of Thorvaldsens Museum, which houses the famous sculptures of Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1884). In his lifetime, his work made it to the Pope, Napoleon, and many of the European royal families. His work is displayed all over the world, but in Thorvaldsens Museum, you get to experience the most extensive collection – in the most beautiful halls.


Visit the ferm LIVING Boutique

Kuglegården 1-5 is a historic building nestled between picturesque canals, quirky houseboats and the untamed freetown Christiania. The stately building dates back to 1770 and was originally used as an arsenal for the Danish military. In 2019, we began a complete and careful renovation of the 1900 square meters, resulting in a universe of all things ferm LIVING. On the ground floor, you will find our Boutique which has an authentic and informal atmosphere that is at once intimate and inspiring. Here, you can shop the entire ferm LIVING collection as well as a curated selection of vintage curio, plants, coffee table books and other accessories for the home.