Behind the Design: Rouli Sofa

Unfold the story behind the Rouli Sofa’s playful, wave-like design – a journey that takes us all the way from its initial inspiration to the final, vacuum-packed product.

Primed for the demands of the modern-day consumer, the Rouli Sofa embodies the spirit of contemporary open-air living. Explore how the concept of hybrid indoor-outdoor living shaped the sofa’s unique features and beach-club nostalgia inspired its distinctive, rounded silhouette.

Named after the French word "roulis", referencing the gentle movement of waves, the Rouli Sofa was born of the ambition to create a modular and pragmatic outdoor sofa that was ultra-lightweight, while also being generously proportioned for all-day comfort and relaxation. With these goals in mind, the design team searched extensively for inspiration and assembled a collection of references that included, amongst other things, images of vintage, hotel beach-club loungers. Inspired by the unapologetic, full-bodied shape of the plush lounge chairs, the designers sought to design a sofa where utmost comfort and innate functionality could exist without compromise. The result was Rouli: a versatile sofa system with tactile, inviting curves and a playful, rotund expression.




Throughout the design process, each detail of the sofa was carefully considered to ensure its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. Special care was given to develop a sofa system that was modular, while also being easily accessible for quick assembly. Comprised of a singular seat, additional modules can be added to the Rouli Sofa to create any number of configurations — transforming it from an elegant, standalone seat to a spacious couch suitable for a family of five. Rather than use a conventional clamp system, each module features an anti-slip surface beneath its seat that keeps it from being jostled or moving around. This means that extending the sofa is as simple as lining up the modules side-by-side, eliminating the need for any additional assembly steps. On especially sunny days, the sofa can be combined with the matching Rouli Pouf to create a comfortable and visibly inviting sunbed.

The inclusion of a stylish, indoor-outdoor Bouclé textile was a natural choice for the Rouli Sofa. Typically seen as an indoor textile, the Bouclé has been treated to be water-repellent, making it a unique and attractive addition to outdoor spaces. The textile is offered in Off-white and Sand, two classic, instantly appealing colours that are synonymous with ferm LIVING’s design universe. Whether paired together for a mix-and-match look or styled separately, the calming shades compliment the Rouli’s soft, tactile form.


Durability and practicality were also key considerations in the journey of designing the Rouli Sofa. With this in mind, the interchangeable cover can be easily removed for cleaning. The sofa also includes an inner waterproof layer and an additional protective cover, safeguarding against all types of weather. Unlike conventional garden furniture, the Rouli is comprised of lightweight, pure foam. This ensures that the sofa can be lifted and rearranged with minimal effort, opening the door to an infinite assortment of different positions and stylings.

The final step was addressing the matter of transportation. The team landed on the solution of vacuum-packing the foam which significantly reduces the sofa’s volume. As a result, the Rouli Sofa is delivered in a compact, fuss-free, vacuum-sealed package that can be easily transported by a single person.