Production - ferm LIVING

We collaborate closely with skilled artisans around the world, producing our collections in different regions based on raw materials and crafting expertise.

Our products, including furniture, metal items, wallpaper and textiles, are crafted in Europe (Baltics, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey) and Asia, with a commitment to ethical practices outlined in our Code of Conduct.

Upholding social responsibility, we engage with Amfori for BSCI audits. We prioritise sustainable and responsible partnerships worldwide, aiming for a 54% threshold of ’responsible suppliers’ who meet high social responsibility standards such as BSCI, SA 8000, FSC™ or GOTS.

Our environmental commitment extends to minimising impact and promoting circular practices in production. Responsible sourcing of raw materials is imperative and we foster lasting relationships in our supply chain based on mutual value creation, respect and transparency. Through sharing stories of suppliers and production, we invite everyone into the journey of our prod­ucts and our responsible practices.



Committed to product safety, ferm LIVING will remain vigilant in researching and staying abreast of all chemical and product safety laws and regulations in collaboration with accredited consultants throughout 2024. Proactively addressing safety concerns, we utilise checklists from the initial developmental phase to ensure safety considerations at every stage of the prod­uct development process. Moreover, a systematic platform is employed for accurate documentation, internally and externally, reinforcing safety as a top priority.


Our Global Supply Chain

We work with artisans around the world, fusing our Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions.


Production - ferm LIVING