Transport - ferm LIVING

All of our shipping is carried out by external forwarders. Our European freight is transported by road or rail, while products from Asia arrive by sea. As a rule, we avoid air transport but on certain occasions choose to make high-priority shipments by air. The general split for the different modes of freight transport is:

52,7% transported by sea
46% transported by road
0,3% transported by air
1% transported by rail

In 2020, our air transport rate doubled to 4% as a result of COVID-19-related delays. However, in 2021, we successfully reduced it significantly to 0.2%. In 2022, our objective was to maintain air transport below 1%, and we are pleased to report that we have successfully kept it remarkably low at 0.3%. Simultaneously, our road and rail transportation has been gradually and steadily increasing due to heightened production in Europe compared to the Far East.

We are continuously working to optimise our logistic procedures to make them as efficient and space-saving as possible. We measure container space and CO₂e emissions though software calculators to keep both the environmental impact and cost of our transport to an absolute minimum.