Design Philosophy - ferm LIVING

We are dedicated to designing for longevity, crafting high-quality, functional products responsibly and with enduring aesthetic appeal.

We aspire to inspire individuals to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. For us, this translates to advocating for mindful consumption, prioritising quality over quantity and encouraging prolonged product use. During the design phase, where pivotal choices are made, we adhere to a set of ’Responsibility Criteria’ for new products. These encompass considerations such as durability, materials, disassembly, certifications, climate screening, production and social responsibility. Adopting a ‘cradle to grave’ approach, we evaluate the entire life cycle of our products, promoting circularity.

Operating within this established framework allows us to navigate compliance, climate impact and social considerations. We believe that designing for longevity is the cornerstone of minimising resource consumption and reducing CO₂ emissions. To ensure progress in the right direction, our sustainability manager is fully integrated in all areas of the company and collaborates closely with the design and product teams, monitoring advancements and identifying opportunities for more sustainable solutions in both social and environmental contexts. We approach our goals with determination and humility, continually seeking improved and more accessible ways for our customers to make responsible choices.