Pots and vases with a unique design

Often, it’s the little things that make all the difference, and this also applies to the decor in your home. That’s why elegant and aesthetic pots and vases are indispensable decor elements that can enhance the different rooms of your home and give it personality.

At ferm LIVING you’ll find a wealth of different pots and vases, and each one adds a unique and modern atmosphere to your home. Explore our wide range, whether you prefer a classic, sculptural or colourful style

Create atmosphere in the home with aesthetic pots and vases

Creating a stylish and individual home does not have to be a challenge. The finishing touches are often what make the biggest difference and create a unique portrait of your personal style. Decorative design elements such as elegant vases and pots from ferm LIVING will add the final touch to your home. Add a touch of style to the dining table, bedroom shelf or a dark corner with our pots and vases in different unique designs

Sculptural vases

Surround yourself with elegant vases that evoke an aesthetic ambience throughout the home. Discover the Muses series, which draws on ancient history with its sculptural, white design, crafted from stoneware. Let the eye-catching vase speak for itself in a windowsill, or mix the different sizes for even more impact.

In the same genre you will also find the remarkable Vulca vase, with a textured surface inspired by volcanic bedrock to add a raw boost of energy to any stylish interior.

Unique hand-blown vases

Among our offerings you will also find the colourful hand-blown glass vases from the Casca series. The playful design with its irregular pattern in gorgeous colours will undoubtedly enliven the decor and bring joy to any home. Fill the vase with fresh seasonal flowers or style it on its own to allow its simplicity to shine.

Our hand-blown Water Swirl Vases are also a must for the stylish home. The vase truly comes into its own when it is placed near a window and the sun is allowed to filter through the transparent glass. Available in a range of natural and delicate shades to match any modern style.

Classic and minimalist pots

Fill your home, patio or balcony with decorative pots filled with green plants to create a sense of ‘hygge’ and a natural connection between the home and nature.

For example, decorate your balcony with our Bau balcony boxes in a minimalist, industrial-influenced design. Fill them with your favourite plants or herbs and create a welcoming atmosphere. Or create an engaging look with different levels and dimensions, not just on your balcony, but also on your porch or in the home with our Bau pot series. The extraordinary design lifts your plants off the ground, allowing them to truly come into their own.

You can also explore our Hourglass pot series, which is characterised by its elevated plateau design.

Stylish interiors at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, unique interior design that creates a modern atmosphere and adds just the right personal twist is a key element for a stylish home. In addition to pots and vases to decorate special corners or tables, you can also explore our wide range of other unique items for your home. You will find unique candlesticks, eye-catching ornaments, modern mirrors and much more to complete the look.

If you have questions about our selection of pots and vases, or would like ideas and good advice about interior decor, we would be more than happy to help you. Contact us on tel. +45 7022 7523 or email webshop@fermliving.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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