Decorative glasses and cups

The kitchen is a gathering place for cosy dinners with family and friends, cooking with the kids or ‘slow mornings’ at the weekend, with freshly baked bread and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. These moments call for tableware that is both functional and beautiful, that gives your kitchen personality and makes it even more inviting.

At Ferm LIVING, we have a wide range of glassware and cups in unique and timeless designs. Explore our range, which offers everything from gorgeous colourful glasses to hand-blown glasses with a bubbled appearance. You’ll also find beautiful decorative cups and stoneware that will take your afternoon coffee sessions to new heights.

Give your kitchen a unique and personal look

Today, a kitchen is much more than just a kitchen. It is the heart of the home, used for everything from quick breakfasts and busy Monday mornings to life-affirming moments such as birthday dinners and deep conversations over a glass of red wine. So make your kitchen unique as well as personal with beautiful glasses and cups that, in addition to being functional, can be arranged in your display cabinet or on shelves and bookcases.

For instance, you can add flair to a modern, minimalist kitchen with our colourful, patterned Casca glasses. Stack the glasses on a shelf and let the eye-catching colours create a cheery, personalised atmosphere. The different colours of glasses can also be combined to add a wonderful vivacity to the table setting.

Set a stunning table

Our selection of different glasses and cups offers infinite options when it comes to creating your table setting, so you can achieve a look that aligns with your own personal style. You can achieve a simple but unique style with our Brus Glass with a playful, bubbled appearance. Or use the rippled glasses in shades of grey to add a sophisticated look to the table.

For an even more festive touch, our champagne and wine glasses with their beautiful and distinctive designs will take your dinner table or welcome drink to new heights. Our stylish water carafes with spherical glass stoppers are guaranteed to make a stunning statement on your table.

Our unique ceramic cups are a must for a cosy brunch or the long-awaited weekend coffee on a Friday afternoon. The cups and jug are available in a beautiful light yellow or a matte and modern black. Our cream-coloured, glazed Sekki cups, on the other hand, are for those who want to achieve a classic white look and beautiful clean lines.

Stylish kitchens and tables at Ferm LIVING

At Ferm LIVING, we believe that kitchen accessories, dinnerware and tableware are just as important as the kitchen itself when it comes to creating a complete and personal style. The little things, such as unique glasses and cups, decorative plates and bowls and beautiful kitchen utensils exude homeliness, warmth and cosiness, while complementing the rest of the home’s stylish decor.

Do you have questions about any of our products, do you want more specifications, or anything else? You’re always welcome to contact us. We are here for you whenever you need help, so you can easily contact us via our contact form. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

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