ferm LIVING x Katie Scott

At ferm LIVING, we have always loved how decorative wallpaper can give a whole new look to a room. For the same reason, we entered into a collaboration with the famous illustrator Katie Scott, who has created a number of wallpaper designs. Common to all is that they can quickly create a completely new and captivating look for any room in the home.

Whether you prefer wallpaper with animals, seashells or trees, Katie Scott's wallpaper design succeeds in embracing both the animal and botanical kingdom in an entirely unique and elegant way. Each wallpaper is available in splendid colours such as Mahogany, Petrol and Off-White. Find your favourite wallpaper and create a captivating effect in your home – whether it’s for the children’s room, the bedroom or the hall.

Give a room new life with Katie Scott wallpaper

Katie Scott’s detail-oriented aesthetic is clearly expressed in her wallpaper designs, where every wall is brought to life with stunning illustrations. These include the exquisite wallpaper with trees and the unique wallpaper with wild animals. They adorn any room, creating a balanced contrast that catches the eye and calms the soul.

Prior to wallpaper designs, Katie Scott’s work included patterns for posters and books, so working with wallpaper was new to her. It resulted in a wide range of gorgeous illustrations and wallpaper designs that bring new life to any room in the home. Want to know even more about Katie Scott? You can read more about the story behind the Katie Scott wallpaper production here.

Climate-friendly wallpaper with captivating illustrations

In addition to giving rooms new life, the wallpaper is also produced with sustainable initiatives. All the wallpapers are printed on FSC™-certified non-woven paper, which gives a more durable paper blend and leaves a minimal imprint on the climate. This specific blend makes the wallpaper easier to hang.

Find inspiration in the ferm LIVING design universe

We at ferm LIVING have been producing wallpaper since 2006, and Katie Scott’s touch has made it a breeze to complete the home with beautiful illustrations. Would you like to explore other of our home accessories and interior design to decorate your home? Then take a look at our textiles, rugs or Green Living.

Are you seeking inspiration on how to decorate your home with wallpaper or other graphic designs? Or perhaps you have questions? You’re always welcome to contact us. You can do this by phone or e-mail. Our expert staff is on hand to provide you with guidance. Of course, we always strive to answer your enquiry as soon as possible.

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