AW23 Collection

Choreography of Contrasts

Embracing the dialogue between opposites, this collection orchestrates a dance between utility and decoration, restraint and imagination. With a fusion of artistry and design, each piece encapsulates the quintessential elements that define our brand: aesthetics, authenticity and distinction in both form and function. Rooted in the celebration of pure, enduring materials and the craft that shapes them, traditional artisanship harmonises with contemporary design to bridge hand sculpted forms with casted metal. Clean lines find balance with voluminous contours, and time-honoured classics intertwine with the modern.

This season's pieces boast sleek silhouettes set against dark woods, a bold fusion that evokes new expressions. Matte textures converse with high-gloss finishes, while raw, unrefined beauty coexists with polished sophistication. The interplay of soft and solid forms a symphony of design. Within these contrasting harmonies lies an enduring allure.

With textures that invite touch, the marriage of organic shapes with masculine lines inspired by brutalism creates an intriguing tension. Choreography of Contrasts beckons you to immerse yourself in the interplay of textures, the symphony of materials and the poetry of design, inviting you to discover beauty in the juxtaposition of the unexpected.

Tender Tactility

We present an homage to the wondrous realm of childhood, a space of unfettered play, creativity and tranquility. With a palette of gentle, neutral tones, our Kids collection embraces the elegance of simplicity, employing natural and tactile materials to craft pieces that are not only visually pleasing but also invite the young ones to embark on imaginative journeys.

In these new designs, aesthetics and exploration intertwine. Each piece, thoughtfully created to resonate with young minds, holds the promise of endless possibilities for play while harmonising with the aesthetics of your living space. As parents, we recognize the importance of surroundings that nurture growth and joy, and our collection is crafted to be an essential part of these formative years.

Indulge in tactile textures, embrace soothing colours and witness as your child’s creativity takes flight. Tender Tactility isn't just a collection; it's an invitation to weave stories, create memories and celebrate the beauty of childhood.

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