Our 2030 Commitments

Our planet

- Create full transparency on all products
- Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible
- Work towards CO2-neutrality


Our planet
2023 actions

Create full transparency on all products

- Throughout 2023, we have consistently communicated our advancements in our responsibility journey, enhancing transparency in both production and design. We are cautious not to engage in greenwashing or greenhushing. By narrating our production and design stories to the world at large, we provide a behind-the-scenes look into the journey our products undergo. Sharing our progress and actively participating in the dialogue is vital for fostering a movement and encouraging people to join our quest for change. Learn more about our production and suppliers here 


Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible

Today we label our products with the "RESPONSIBLE" tag, indicating certification under FSC™, GOTS, or OSC 100, Organic Blended or production from recycled materials like glass, ceramics, paper pulp or PET yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. In the future, our concept of "RESPONSIBLE" will broaden as we intensify our efforts to incorporate our Responsible Criteria even more extensively during the initial design phase.

We currently work with FSC™, GOTS, OCS and BSCI certifications. Whenever feasible and relevant, we actively explore additional certifications and engage in third-party testing when introducing new products. Discover more about certifications and testing here


Work towards CO2-neutrality

- We continually assess the impact of our decisions and employ Målbar's Climate Screening Tool to measure the CO₂e footprint of our products. Currently, nine key suppliers have been onboarded, enabling us to evaluate climate impact on a product level throughout the entire production process, from raw material extraction to arrival at our warehouse.

In 2024, our objective is to onboard an additional nine key suppliers and conduct climate screenings for our 100 top-selling products, establishing a benchmark for future reduction targets and 'in-settings' (as opposed to off-settings) in order to emphasise our commitment to better and more responsible practices earlier in the design and production processes. Moreover, our primary textile supplier has transitioned to 90-95% solar power for their entire production. The comprehensive impact assessment in summer 2024 will guide us in setting targets to reduce the benchmark established in 2023.

We utilise software calculators to gauge container space and CO2 emissions for our logistics operations, ensuring that both the environmental impact and transportation costs are kept to the bare minimum. Explore further details about our freight procedures here



Our Society

- Build value on all bottom lines: people, planet, profit & purpose
- Inspire customers to make responsible choices
- Give back to local communities in support of better homes


Our Society
2023 actions

Build value on all bottom lines: people, planet, profit & purpose

- In establishing well-defined goals across all parameters, we have initiated a measurement process beyond profit, incorporating aspects like the well-being of our employees and our environmental impact. Insights and data will guide us in identifying areas for improvement and achieving greater overall value.


Inspire customers to make responsible choices

- Inspiring others through our campaigns and communication remains a focal point. We will continue to encourage individuals to make responsible choices by fostering dialogue and transparently sharing our expertise on responsibility and sustainability through all our communications. This encompasses explaining our responsibility at product level across various touchpoints, including labels, hangtags, product descriptions, fact sheets and social channels.

- Our product catalogues are undergoing an ongoing process to determine the most practical and sustainable methods for showcasing both our products and our brand.


Give back to local communities in support of better homes

- Making a positive contribution to the world remains a priority for us. We are actively collaborating with the Red Cross to support initiatives aligned with our core values, focusing on helping people create spaces that foster comfort and a sense of home. Learn more about our partnership with the Red Cross here:

ferm LIVING x Red Cross



Our Community

- Maintain a strong culture with clear values
- Nurture long-lasting relations built on trust and respect
- Empower all of us to learn and grow together


Our Community
2023 actions

Maintain a strong culture with clear values

-  Activating our values, we form a tight-knit community of colleagues, partners and suppliers who wholeheartedly pursue shared ideals. We have clearly defined and articulated the values that guide our actions, actively striving to ensure that they are embraced by all.

- As a part of embedding responsible thinking and behaviour into the core of our business, we have integrated our perspectives and expectations on responsibility and sustainability as a crucial component of our recruitment process.


Nurture long-lasting relations built on trust and respect

-  As we progress, aligning our actions with our identity and fostering resonance both internally and externally are vital for our success. We have initiated a review of our brand foundation, engaging in discussions with individuals throughout our extended community to gain a comprehensive understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement.

Our collaboration with partners and suppliers is built on a framework of mutual value creation, transparent communication and thoughtful conduct. We actively share their stories, collaborate on obtaining certifications and inspire one another to discover improved and more sustainable approaches to conducting business.


Empower all of us to learn and grow together

Tracking retention and engagement metrics is crucial for our business. Our employees form the bedrock of our success and it is paramount they feel engaged, valued and inclined to stay with us for the long term. By measuring our retention and engagement rates we can enhance our work environment, fostering a solid foundation with content and dedicated employees.

- Our personal and business growth stems from the exchange of expertise, knowledge and innovative ideas. This holds special significance for our responsibility objectives, where acquiring additional knowledge is crucial. To achieve this, we consistently collaborate with external partners, including the UN Global Compact, Amfori, The Forest Stewardship Council™ and others. Leveraging their expertise, we collaboratively explore opportunities and devise solutions for a more responsible business and improved quality of life.