Our 2030 Commitments

Our planet

- Create full transparency on all products
- Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible
- Work towards CO2-neutrality


Our planet
2022 actions

Create full transparency on all products

- Continue to develop production and supplier presentations. We want to share our joint sustainability journey, including every challenge we face along the way and the decisions we take to overcome them. Read our production and supplier presentations

- 'RESPONSIBLE' tag on products. Products with this tag are either produced with responsible, recycled materials or have one of the following certifications: GOTS, OCS or FSC™.

We continuously work to increase the number of responsible products in our collections.


Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible

- Increase amount of certification. Today, we work with FSC™, GOTS, OCS and BSCI certification. During 2022 we aim to become GRS-certified. We can use this certification on for example PET-yarn textile products (yarn made from post-consumer plastic bottles). Read more about our certification and testing


Work towards CO2-neutrality

- Set targets for improving CO2 footprint. We will identity our top 30 product series and map out the suppliers of these. In collaboration with Danish consultants, Målbar, we will then conduct a CO2-analysis using Målbar's climate screening tool to measure impact from raw material to final product. The data we gain will help us to set targets for reducing CO2 footprint on the products we produce most of.

- Reduce transport by air. In 2020, our air transport doubled from 2% to 4% due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was reduced again in 2021. During 2022, we aim to reduce transport by air to 1%. Read more about our freight and transport



Our Society

- Build value on all bottom lines: people, planet, profit & purpose
- Inspire customers to make responsible choices
- Give back to local communities in support of better homes


Our Society
2022 actions

Build value on all bottom lines: people, planet, profit & purpose

- Setting clear targets on all parameters. We have started the process of measuring on parameters other than profit, such as the wellbeing of our employees and our impact on the environment. Insights and data will help us to define where improvements can be made and bigger value achieved.


Inspire customers to make responsible choices

- Inspire through campaigns and communication. We will continue to inspire people to make responsible choices, by inviting to dialogue and openly sharing our knowledge on responsibility and sustainability in all our communication. This includes clarifying responsibility at product level across all touchpoints, including labels, hang-tags, product descriptions, fact sheets and social channels.

- Our product catalogues. We have commenced the ongoing process of defining the most useful and sustainable ways to present our products and our brand.


Give back to local communities in support of better homes

- Contributing positively to the world around us has always been of great importance. We are taking steps towards increasing donations and social initiatives that are closely linked to our core: helping people create space to be comfortable and feel at home. 

ferm LIVING has partnered with Red Cross to support those who have lost their homes as a result of the war in Ukraine. We donate a fixed amount per company employee on an annual basis, helping to support people who repair damaged homes, provide heating solutions for displaced people in refugee centers and distribute blankets and other warm sleeping equipment to the most vulnerable families.

ferm LIVING x Red Cross


Our Family

- Maintain a strong culture with clear values
- Nurture long-lasting relations built on trust and respect
- Empower all of us to learn and grow together


Our Family
2022 actions

Maintain a strong culture with clear values

- Activating our values. We are a close family of colleagues, partners and suppliers who do what we do with all our hearts and based on the same ideals. We have defined and formulated the values that we live by and actively work to ensure they are embraced by everyone.

- Responsible employees. As a part of integrating responsible thinking and behaviour into the core of our business, we have incorporated our views and expectations on responsibility and sustainability as an important element of job interviews.

- Brand review. As we move forward, it's important to our success that the way we act is in line with our DNA and resonates with people internally and externally. We have commenced a process of reviewing our brand foundation and are speaking with people across our extended family to get a clear idea of where we are doing well and where we could do better.


Nurture long-lasting relations built on trust and respect

- Nurturing our extended family. We continue to work with our partners and suppliers on a foundation of mutual value creation, transparent communication and considerate behaviour. We share their stories. work together to gain certifications, and constantly inspire each other to find better and more sustainable ways to do business.

- Measuring retention and engagement rate. Our employees are the foundation of our success. We want them to feel engaged and appreciated, and we would like them to stay with us for a long time. Measuring our retention and engagement rates, helps us to provide the best possible work environment and build a strong foundation with happy and committed employees.


Empower all of us to learn and grow together

- Exploring opportunities. At ferm LIVING, we learn and grow, as individuals and as a business, by sharing expertise, knowledge and good ideas. This is particularly important for our responsibility ambition, where we need to know a lot more than we do today. That is why we continuously work with external partners, such as Märk, Målbar, UN Global Compact, Amfori, FSC™ and the Red Cross. With their unique expertise and knowledge, together we explore opportunities and find solutions for more responsible business and better living.