Transport - ferm LIVING


Our transport operations exclusively rely on external forwarders. European freight is transported chiefly via road or rail and products originating from Asia are shipped by sea. As standard practice, we prioritise alternatives to air transport; however, there are specific instances where high-priority shipments necessitate air transportation.

In 2020, our air transport rate saw a notable increase, doubling to 4% due to COVID-19-related delays. However, we effectively re¬duced this rate to 0.2% in 2021 and 0.3% in 2022. For 2024, we aim to maintain under 1%. Simultaneously, our road trans­portation rates have experienced a gradual and consistent rise, attributed to increased production in Europe compared to the Far East.

Our ongoing efforts are focused on optimising our logistic pro­cedures to achieve maximum efficiency and space utilisation. We use software calculators to measure container space, ensuring that both environmental impact and transport costs are mini­mised to the fullest extent possible.

During spring 2024, we will partner with a new warehouse facility in Denmark. This innovative solution seamlessly aligns with both our logistical needs and our sustainability goals, as the new warehouse is designed with a strong commitment to sustainability and responsibility and key features include green energy generated through a rooftop solar system, a sustainability certification ensuring the building meets rigorous standards for eco-friendly operations and a comprehensive focus on sustaina­bility in daily operations.

In 2023, the distribution of our different shipping methods was as follows, measured by volume (m3):

Sea: 66,2%
Road: 33,3%
Air: 0,5%