Get inspiration for your child’s room with cute details

The secret to decorating a child’s room often lies in the small details. With wall decorations, wooden blocks and other whimsical things for kids, you can make your decor child-friendly and create a space that lets your child’s imagination run wild. That’s why you should never underestimate what functional wall storage and cute stuffed animals in the right colours and patterns can do for the overall look of a room. With colourful decorations and other cool things for kids, you can create small cosy nooks that invite learning and immersion or lively play corners filled with creative designs and lots of fun.

At ferm LIVING, you will find a wide selection of inspiring decor and other objects for a child’s room, so you can create the perfect look. We also have children’s tableware and enchanting placemats with adorable animal motifs for your table. Explore our full range for children below and become inspired.

Lay the table with stylish dinner sets that invite play and imagination

Good mealtimes are about so much more than just healthy food. The setting for the meal is also very important in terms of both the social and physical aspects. So why not create the perfect atmosphere with wonderful cups, bowls and plates with exotic animal prints? When dinner or afternoon snacks are served on inviting and creative dinner sets, the stage is immediately set for fun and fuss-free times at the dining table.

Our dinner sets feature fun patterns and designs such as tropical fruits or safari prints reminiscent of the savannah. The placemats and tableware feature charming and muted tones, so the various designs will appeal to both colour-loving kids and style-conscious adults alike. That way, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics when setting your table with child-friendly patterns and designs.

All dinner sets and placemats are of course made from sustainable materials, namely bamboo fibres, which are free of BPA, PCP and phthalates. This means you can serve the day’s meals in these wonderful bowls and plates with complete peace of mind, knowing that the products are good for both the environment and your child.

Create an ambience with muted colours and imaginative patterns

The perfect kids’ room should be more than just functional. It should also provide a framework for creative play, imagination and study, so the child is happy in their surroundings. This can be achieved with the help of soft children’s furniture, enchanting children’s wallpapers and adorable children’s lamps. But the possibilities go much further than that.

Small details such as cute teddies that can play music, as well as bedding with fun designs can create the perfect sleeping area for your child, where tranquillity and security are paramount. Our bedding is also made of organic cotton and lined with recycled polyester, so you are guaranteed to make a sustainable choice.

Of course, a child’s room should also be an area for fun and games. At ferm LIVING, you will find toys such as fun puzzles in a stylish wooden design and wooden blocks with modern and graphic patterns that can display the child’s age while working as charming ornaments on window sills or shelves. The muted colours and captivating designs create a play area that becomes an imaginative and decorative element in the child’s room while keeping in line with modern and minimalist decor – all while reflecting the child’s creative and lively personality and inviting endless hours of play, cosiness and relaxation.

Be inspired to create an irresistible children’s mecca at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, you can find lots of inspiration for creative and unique decor for a child’s room that will spark joy in both children and adults alike. The child’s room is an important part of your child’s daily life, so it should therefore function as a wonderful haven with space for fun and colours, but also for quiet moments, where learning and study are in focus. If you have any questions about our children’s range, or if you need some good advice and ideas for interior design, we will be happy to provide you with creative input. You are therefore welcome to contact us on tel. +45 7022 7523 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

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