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Where: Shanxi, China
Employees: 428
Established in: 1954

Situated Southwest of Beijing, Shanxi Province is the home of our glass casting factory, and where we produce most of our glassware, including the Ripple series. Built on family values and known for its exquisite craftmanship, this Chinese factory was the first of its kind to create handmade, high- quality glassware, and has more than 40 years of experience in the field.

Each of our glasses is mouth-blown and handmade. The process begins by blowing liquid glass into a mould: the glassblower puffs air through a long, thin pipe to expand the glass into the desired size and shape, while carefully rotating, inflating and swinging the pipe to keep control over the temperature and incorporate air into the glass. The finished pieces are then placed to cool down at a safe temperature. Glass that is not properly cooled can be dangerous as it may shatter due to thermal stress. After this, a laser cuts the rim, and a wet coarse-grit grinding disc grinds down the sharp edges. The top rim is then baked to secure a smooth mouth rim on all drinking glasses. Every Ripple Glass is carefully cleaned three times before the final quality check. As every single Ripple glass is mouth-blown, each piece is unique and none are 100% identical, as the glassblower influences the final result through the amount of glass and air pressure he or she uses during the blowing.

Using high-quality materials for glass casting is very important. Sourcing from local suppliers, the factory uses carefully selected raw materials with a lower iron content to ensure a final result with high purity and minimal flaws.

Certifications: ISO9001, ICS, SEDEX









Our Ripple Glass series expresses the dynamic and poetic feel of rippled surfaces in delicate mouth-blown glass, inspired by the flowing movement of wind and water. Each glass is handmade, creating unique geometric forms that are the foundation of this family of simple yet dynamic glassware.

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The Casca Glasses are a playful, colourful addition to your glassware collection. The mouth-blown glass has an asymmetrical, organic shape that sits comfortably in your hand, and the irregular pattern of monochrome spots is unique to each individual glass.

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