Way Series – A Sustainable Alternative

We are turning plastic into a beautiful series of outdoor textiles. Here is the story behind how we do it

We are getting used to seeing images of plastic washing up on shores and turning into mountains of trash everywhere in the daily news. With a problem this big, it calls for clever solutions. Because plastic can be more than waste. With the help of specialized technology, we have created a series of textiles made entirely from used plastic bottles. This way, you get incredibly durable textiles while helping clean up the oceans.

292 Bottles – One Rug

Rugs, cushions, and mats made from plastic may not initially sound like you get textiles with a soft, lovely touch and feel. But the Way series won’t leave you longing for virgin wool. Not only is it practical, easily cleaned, and suitable for outdoor use, it also feels just as lovely as any other rug that comes your way.

Turning plastic bottles into yarn, from which you can weave a series like Way, has five steps: Collecting bottles, crushing bottles and compressing them into compact entities, converting the compressed bottles into small chips, processing the chips in carding machines, and finally, you have a material you can spin into yarns.

At ferm LIVING, we try to do better every day. And even if the Way series will only make a small contribution, it is a step in a better direction where trash becomes treasure. The Way Series is available now and features a large rug, a runner, a mat, and a large cushion, all of which can be used outside, too.

If you want more information on the production of the Way series or any other question, please get in touch via email info@fermliving.com or phone +45 7022 7523