Three Kids' Rooms

Unveiling the Creativity: Reflecting Personal Style in the Kids’ Room

Within the realm of a child's room, a magical synergy unfolds between youthful imagination and parental guidance. As young minds grow, their rooms become canvases for self-expression, decorated with elements that reflect their unique personalities. We embarked on a journey through three children’s rooms, where the creative visions of both child and parents intertwine. Join us as we take a peek at these spaces and uncover the stories behind them.


Mia, 2 years old
Paris, France

Mia's cozy room is infused with warmth and a touch of nostalgia. Designed with a palette of inviting, warm hues, it creates a comforting and timeless atmosphere. Similar in essence to her brother Arthur's room, it offers a space that encourages playfulness, creativity and imaginative adventures.

The classic Parisian architectural bones of the room are complemented by vintage-inspired elements and the timeless treasures within. The room is thoughtfully arranged to provide Mia ample space for play and creativity. A collection of vintage and timeless toys and books are casually stored on the fireplace and in braided baskets, each one with a story and an invitation for Mia to embark on imaginative play.  


“I like to play, colour and sometimes even bike in
my room. My favourite thing in my room is my big,
giant globe with animals on it. I like to lie
on it and roll around!”


Roxy, 6 years old
Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to Roxy's vibrant sanctuary in Copenhagen – a room that radiates with her lively personality and boundless creativity. Painted in a playful mix of bright colours, this vibrant space reflects Roxy's love for self-expression.

Toys, dolls and homemade art pieces – many of them in Roxy’s preferred shade of pink – add a personal touch. Cherished mementos and trinkets showcase Roxy's love for crafts and her artistic flair, bring life to the space and turning it into a gallery of her creative journey.


“My room has pink floors, purple walls and a
turquoise ceiling. They are my favourite colours
and I chose them because they’re beautiful. My
favourite spot in my room is the cosy corner where
I like to play with my LOL dolls or my
Hello Kitty teddy.”


Arthur, 8 months old
Paris, France

Step into Arthur's serene space nestled in the heart of Paris. This is a room that reflects his parents' discerning eye for timeless elegance and a commitment to investing in pieces that will grow with him from infancy to his playful journey into toddlerhood and beyond. This thoughtfully curated baby room is a harmonious blend of aesthetic beauty, functional design and interactive elements, fostering a space that nurtures learning, creativity and joyful conversations.


“The fireplace in Art’s room is a grey-blue hue,
so we used that as a starting off point for decorating the space.
It gets lots of lovely light, so we kept it simple and added interesting
objects and art pieces to dress things up. Then came the bears!
Arthur means ’bear man’ in Celtic and he can’t get enough
of snuggling with them, especially the giant polar bear!”

Monica Ainley