Set the Holiday Table with Beverly Nguyen

We asked Beverly Nguyen to share how she will be setting her holiday table this festive season.

During the holiday season, there's nothing more heartwarming than coming together with loved ones, breaking bread and sharing quality time. It's also the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative side in crafting a warm and thoughtful table setting. This not only makes your treasured guests feel welcome and cherished but also sets the ambiance for cozy, festive gatherings.

We invited three creative individuals from around the world to share their unique approaches to setting their holiday table, sharing insights on how they incorporate cultural and personal elements from their heritage and lives into this year's festivities.


Beverly Nguyen, Founder of BEVERLY’S NYC
New York, USA, @thatgirlbeverly 


Beverly on her holiday table:
My starting point was the Host glassware series in the colour Moss Green. The round shape and the unique tint of green was a great fit for the holiday menu that I prepared. From there, I added accents in different tones using the Serena Ceramic collection and the wooden Cairn pieces, adding some texture while not competing with the green colourway.

What was your inspiration?
My Vietnamese family immigrated to America in the mid-eighties as young adults. Growing up, many of our holiday traditions were rooted in their childhood memories before they came to California. Our holiday table was adorned with stacks of bowls, chopsticks, napkins and glassware with a mountain of entrees in the center for all to share. This tradition, centered around communal dining, has stayed with me as I set my own holiday table today. That’s why hosting is always special for me. It's when we all come together, make ourselves comfortable and pass around dishes while sharing stories. My house is constantly filled with friends and family during the festive season.


How do you create a cosy ambiance for your guests?
During any celebration or holiday, I refrain from overwhelming my home with excessive tinsel or garlands. I opt for simple, understated elements to craft a warm ambiance, like the soft glow of candlelight and the elegance of deeper-toned plates to set the mood.

What food are you serving?
It all begins with a big pot of steamed white rice. That’s the foundation. Depending on what produce looks good at the market, I'll select meat or fish, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables. I really enjoy the process of making a roast or stew because of the many steps and the hours of simmering. Then I’ll prepare a side of pickled vegetables, spicy toppings and plates of cookies and treats.

Beverly’s top tip:
Start by laying a solid foundation. I prefer to begin with a single colour as the base and then introduce complementary tones to harmonize with that dominant hue throughout the table. 

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