Indoor-Outdoor Living: the Desert Series

Our Desert series features a collection of products that blend sustainable functionality with modernist design sensibilities to produce furnishings that are perfectly adapted to indoor-outdoor living. Crafted from sustainable and durable materials like PET yarn and powder-coated steel, you can use the pieces both in your home and in your outdoor space, ensuring a multitude of different uses and styling options.




Our Desert series is ideal for bringing style and comfort into the sanctuary you call home. The lightweight design of the casual yet modern Desert Lounge Chair ensures makes it for you to move the chair comfortably from room to room, indoors to outdoors, according to the season and your needs. Available in many different colour combinations, the Desert Lounge Chair is sure to fit into any space in any home. For a more minimalistic expression, choose between several muted and monochrome colours, and if you’re looking to bring some colour and playfulness into your space, the Poppy Red frame paired with its beautifully patterned seats would be ideal. The seats of the Desert Lounge Chairs are interchangeable, meaning that if you have more than one, the seats of the chairs can easily be swapped, making for an even more versatile addition to your space.





The look of the Desert Lounge Chair can also swiftly be converted – letting the modernist chair stand alone will project a minimalistic expression, while dressing the chair with the new Desert Cushion and your favourite, cosiest blanket draped over the armrest will effortlessly transform the chair’s expression and make it feel cosy and plush.

Use the Desert Stool – a lovely, foldable stool that can quickly and easily be turned into an extra seat for any unexpected guest. The versatile and lightweight design ensures that the stool can easily be folded up and tucked away when not in use.






The Desert Lounge Chair also comes in a miniature version, ideal for the youngest member of your household. We believe that the kid’s room should be a sanctuary from the restrictions and boundaries of the outside world. A place where the little ones can retreat to when they need a moment of peace to relax and unfold their creative minds. Place the Kids Desert Lounge Chair in your little one’s room to give them a spot to recharge in their own private sphere, or place it in one of the shared spaces in your home and they’ll have their own special place to curl up when you’re spending quality time together. The chair’s timeless expression ensures it will be a beautiful and aesthetic addition to any space in your home, and the lightweight nature of the chair makes it easy to move around. You can even match your little one’s chair with the adult version in the same colourway – a spot for both little and large.




All of the products in the Desert series are suitable for outdoor use, enabling you to extend the parameters your home by expanding the comfort of your living room to the garden, balcony or other outdoor space.

Ideal for entertaining guests, enjoying a moment of solitude in the sun or for your little one to have a rest in the shade, the Desert Lounge Chairs – both in the adult and kid’s versions – can easily be moved around to create your ideal set-up. Whereas other outdoor furnishings typically are crafted from metal and/or wood, the Desert series has an added softness in the form of textile seats, each of which have been spun from recycled PET-yarn made from post-consumer plastic. This material is not only sustainable, but extremely durable, meaning that you can use the wool-like textile outside without fear of damaging it. Each Desert Lounge Chair seat can easily be removed, allowing the chairs to be easily stored away when not in use and for the seats to be washed after a summer in the garden.


Find out more about out Desert textile production here


The Desert Cushion, which is similarly made from woven PET yarn and recycled polyester filling, is also ideal for outdoor use, and can either be added to the Desert Lounge Chairs for extra comfort or used on its own as a lovely cushion for an afternoon nap on a blanket in the summer sun.






Are you venturing outside of the sanctuary you call home, and would still to bring the comfort of home along with you? The Desert Stool effortlessly folds together, and the lightweight design ensures comfortable transportation, even for longer expeditions where weary legs may need a rest along the way. With the Desert series, going on a lovely picnic in the forest, spending the day at the beach or lounging in the park has never been more stylish and effortless.