Customisation Concept

An Introduction to the ferm LIVING Made to Order Concept

Tailor ferm LIVING furniture to create your ideal
design with our Customisation Concept.


Customisation Concept




Our homes are distinct, personal spaces that uniquely reflect the people who live there. They say the magic happens in the details, and often, that’s what makes us fall in love with a specific piece that we want to move into our home. That is precisely why we have introduced the ferm LIVING Customisation Concept, so that you can tailor selected pieces to fit your specific taste.




With our Made to Order products, you can choose between a wide variety of fabrics and leathers that we have selected among leading textile and leather suppliers, making it possible for you to customise your furniture with an array of materials and colour combinations.



All of our sofas and much of our seating is included in the Customisation Concept.

You can choose between an exciting variety of textiles, available in an array of colours and patterns from premium fabric suppliers to customise your ideal piece of furniture.

To see a complete selection of our Made to Order materials, please refer to our Fabric Overview, where you can explore all the different customisation options that we offer.



“They say the magic happens in the details, and often, that’s what makes us fall in love with a specific piece that we want to move into our home.”



If you would like to make use of our customisation service, you have a few different options to choose from.

Shop online: In our web shop, you’ll be able to find a curated selection of some of our most popular Made to Order pieces that are in stock and ready to be shipped home to you. If you’d like to purchase a furniture piece upholstered with a material that we haven’t featured online, you’re always welcome to place an order by writing an email to our customer service at You can explore the entire selection of upholstery options in our Fabric Overview.

In-store: If you are in Copenhagen, you can shop the entire ferm LIVING collection at our Boutique & Showroom, including our Made to Order pieces. Here, you can also visit our Material Library, where you can experience samples of all our selection of Made to Order materials first-hand, as well as place an order for your own custom, Made to Order piece.

Retailers: You can also place customised orders with selected ferm LIVING retailers. Use our Store Locator to find a furniture dealer in your area and reach out to them directly to learn about the possibility of ordering a customised furniture piece from their location.