New Collection

Embracing the dialogue between opposites, this collection orchestrates a dance between utility and decoration, restraint and imagination. With a fusion of artistry and design, each piece encapsulates the quintessential elements that define ferm LIVING: aesthetics, authenticity and distinction in form and function.

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The Hallway

Your home is not just a physical space – it’s a feeling. One of safety, comfort and a sense of belonging. Returning home, whether from a long day at the office or a boisterous party, the first room to greet you is the hallway. As you close the door behind you and kick off your shoes, you finally feel at peace.

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The Living Room

What makes a home? We believe it’s the feeling of belonging. The living room can be characterised as the heart of the home – a place to unwind and focus on the important things in life. The items you choose to surround yourself with should be a reflection of this, allowing you to always feel comfortably you.

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The Kitchen

Whether you are spending hours creating a grand meal for dinner guests or whipping together a simple, quick meal for your family, the kitchen represents one of the last creative bastions of the home – a great escape from the stressors of the outside world. A place for creation and reflection.

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The Bedroom

A good night’s sleep is invaluable. Sleeping recharges both the body and the mind, getting you ready to take on the excitements and challenges of the day to come. Discover how neutral tones and soft textiles contribute to creating a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom, allowing for better rest.

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The Office

Whether your job involves crunching numbers or flinging paint at a canvas, your office requires space for deep reflection as well as creativity and inspiration. It’s important that your office compliments your mindset, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

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