Handmade Kelim rugs with graphic details

Kelim rugs with graphic details from ferm LIVING are handmade, so there may be slight variations in the weave from rug to rug. However, this also means that each rug is unique, and you can find a wide variety of designs, colours and textures that frame your personal interior design style.

The traditional weaving technique used to make the Kelim rugs is called 'Punja', and it is one of the oldest weaving techniques in the world. The yarn used in the rugs is hand-dyed, which means that some shade variation may occur due to the nature of the wool and dye.

The right rug can make a big difference in your home, and our Kelim rugs are characterised by their high quality, timeless design and exceptional durability. Are you looking for a functional rug that can be placed anywhere in your home? Then find your favourite here and add new life to your home.

Decorate your home with beautiful and functional rugs

At ferm LIVING, we want to inspire you to create your own individual style in the home. That’s why you will find a wide selection of beautiful and functional rugs in our range.

The popular Kelim rugs from ferm LIVING feature modern grafiske designs and incredible colour blocking. That is why each rug also has a unique and personalised look. Decorate with a combination of graphic rugs in a minimalist style to create interest and contrast in your interior design.

Using rugs can create a sense of cosiness in your décor. You can use them as decorative and functional rugs in every room in the home, where you can place them under furniture groupings, lay them as hallway runners or hang them decoratively on the wall instead of other artwork.

Rugs are easy to move around, and ideal if you frequently change or renew your décor. You can layer multiple rugs over the top of each other to create a more personalised look. A rug can also help to mark the transition from one room to another, or be used to define the different zones within a room, such as under an armchair to create an atmosphere of calm.

In particular, rugs can create a greater sense of unity and coherence in a room. When you use rugs in your décor, they can help to emphasise or soften a bold design statement. Rugs are also excellent for reducing unwanted sounds and noise – both that you make yourself and that come from outside. Always remember to care for and maintain your rugs properly so that they can last for many years.

Get inspiration for personalised interior design at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, we take pride in uniting design, quality and functionality in every product. That’s why we offer beautiful and functional rugs for any style of décor. Are you looking for inspiration on how to decorate your living room, entrance hall or bedroom with our many unique rugs? You are more than welcome to contact us by phone on +45 7022 7523 or send an e-mail to webshop@fermliving.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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