Christmas Collection 2020

Christmas Collection 2020

As the weather turns colder, the trees grow bare and our surroundings are painted in a pallet of grey. Outside, winter reigns: our streets are blanketed with snow, icicles hang from tree branches and frost lines our windows. With icy fingers and red noses, we head inside, to our sanctuary. We curl up in the comfort of our nests and welcome Christmas with lighted candles, hearty food and festive cheer. Comforting, nostalgic scents and sounds surround us – cinnamon and fresh pine mix with grandma’s family recipe as it bubbles on the stove and familiar songs pour out of the speakers.

To us, Christmas is not a season or a show – it’s a feeling, a state of togetherness, and one that we celebrate in the home. We open our homes to family and friends; we break bread together; exchange gifts and words of affection. We observe our own carefully practiced traditions, traditions that never grow old, no matter how many times we perform them. Family decorations – some homemade by little fingers and others that have been passed down through generations – line the windowsills, while candles and other ornaments are tucked thoughtfully into their special places. These are small pieces of magic that evoke the Christmas spirit in us.

We wish you a merry Christmas, from our hearts to yours.

Love, ferm LIVING

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