AW22 Collection

Moments of Reflection

Surrounded by unique and personal treasures collected throughout a lifetime, our homes act as personal havens that warmly shield us from the outside world and grant us precious moments of reflection. Looking around at the objects we have chosen to surround ourselves with, we realise that they act as tools to bring out our deepest memories and emotions, making us long for casual dinners and late evenings with the people we love

Our Autumn-Winter 2022 designs celebrate the intimate moments of reflection that the coming season invites us to practice, both alone and in the company of cherished friends and family. Filled with carefully designed objects that are ideal for gifting either to yourself or someone you appreciate, the collection balances the simple and sculptural, the organic and structured. With natural, tactile materials that intrigue your sense of touch and that will become more beautiful over time, we explore the abrupt and beautiful effects that time etches on both nature and materials. We have delved into the unique balance between the emotional and the functional, a balance in contrasts that is reflected in your home

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