AW21 Collection

Seasonal Treasures

instinctively begin to cocoon in the comfort of our home. We huddle together with the people that we hold dear and seek out a sense of peace by looking inward, nurturing the unique feeling of belonging that only our home can give us.

Finding comfort in the close company of others, this is also the season of kindness. Whether preparing a homemade feast for a friend or presenting a family member with a thoughtful piece for their home, sharing moments like these creates lasting and cherished memories. Our Autumn-Winter collection celebrates the art of hosting and the emotions that follow. To many, putting both heart and effort into making others feel appreciated is a symbol of affection. In the collection, you will find a curated mix of objects perfect for gifting, as well as distinctive statement pieces for your home. Playing with colours, the collection includes tactile objects in earthy tones and alluring statements in contemporary shades.

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