Life is full of contrasts

In these uncertain times amid the spread of Covid-19, the concept of home has taken on a new and ambiguous meaning for many. For some, your home is a refuge from long, demanding work hours, spent out in a world that looks different for each waking day. Others are now spending all of their time at home, and what was previously a collection of separate spaces – the office, the kids’ school, the corner café – has all been assembled in your private sphere.


As our behaviour in the home changes, so does our relationship to it. At ferm LIVING, we have always strived to help you create a home with room for both chaos and calm, a place where you always can feel comfortably you. In times like these, this holds truer than ever. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our best tips and inspiration to keep that relationship as harmonious as possible, as together we navigate the complications and challenges of the current world crisis. We hope that you will share some of your favourite moments from the home with us – tag us with #spacetofeelcomfortablyyou, and show us the space in your home that means most to you right now.







Life is full of contrasts. As we navigate expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort, we long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy. A place where we can be ourselves, realise the true value of things, and feel at home. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we challenge ourselves to shape the future and take pride in creating products that help you balance the contrasts of life.


Our soft forms, rich textures and deep colours allow you to create an authentic and composed atmosphere, while avant-garde shapes, striking patterns and curious details add a touch of the unexpected. From our base in Copenhagen, we work with artisans around the world, fusing our Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. We take our responsibility to people and the planet seriously, and expect the same of our partners. We create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you.