Home Office Invigoration

Be inspired to create your personal work sanctuary


After a lovely, long summer, it is time to return to work. Explore how content creators Hanna Östberg and Hanni Gohr invigorated their home offices, and be inspired to create your own personal work sanctuary filled with natural light.

To many, returning to work after a long, restful summer presents a great opportunity to clean up, organise and re-decorate the home office. In collaboration with VELUX and content creators Hanna Östberg and Hanni Gohr, we present these suggestions to help you create your own personal work sanctuary with emphasis on personal style and plenty of natural, bright light.





The ideal home office looks different to each one of us, and it is therefore important to start the process by reflecting both on the space you are working with and on your unique needs. Start by opening up the windows to let in some light and an invigorating breeze, while taking a moment to reflect on the things that bring you joy and make you feel authentically you. This will increase the chances of you enjoying your new workspace for many years to come.



Lighting is integral to how we see our surroundings. In the reflection process, it is therefore vital to think about the natural lighting of your space, and how you can get the most out of it to keep your mind sharp throughout the workday. Both Hanna and Hanni’s home offices are located in rooms with slanted walls, and they have therefore installed roof windows to allow plenty of daylight to brighten up their spaces. If your room lacks natural lighting, you could think about installing some additional windows before you start the process of re-decorating the space.



We believe that messy surroundings increase your levels of stress, while working in a neat, tidy and personalised home office will help to bring you the peace and calm required to do your best work. It is therefore important to begin the re-decorating process by pampering your space. Give it a deep, thorough clean, and depart with the things that you no longer connect with, in an effort to make room for new additions that will spark your creativity.

Once you have gotten rid of any superfluous items, you can start to organise the things that you wish to keep in your home office. It’s safe to say that even in this digital age, we amass a lot of papers and documents throughout the year. Get your affairs in order by sorting through that huge stack that’s just been growing and growing. Add an open shelving system or a cabinet with drawers or doors like Hanni, and use binders, folders and paper trays to organise all of your documents in a neat and orderly way – this will surely be a more functional and aesthetic way of storing your important documents. In addition to this, do as Hanna and adorn your walls with a pinboard to help you organise your scattered thoughts. Here, you can pin your most important ideas and notes, hang up checklists or even create inspiring mood boards that will help you on your creative journey.

Cleaning up, clearing out and organising your things is sure to set the tone for a new season with room for growth in a home office that feels comfortably and uniquely you.



After dedicating time to making your space clean, tidy and organised, there is finally room to introduce new things that will help you create your idea of the perfect home office. During this process, think about combining colours and materials that suit your personal style, ensuring that you can feel comfortably you in your new workroom.



If your space has plenty of room, you could invest in a larger desk where you can unfold your creative propensities with ease. Alternatively, if your room does not have a lot of floor space, a desk that can be mounted on a wall might be the best option for you. No matter what you choose, it is important to place your desk in a spot that gets lots of bright, natural daylight from the windows to help bring you energy throughout the day.

Don’t forget all of the small yet significant details. Add various green plants and flowers in decorative pots to breathe life into your space and improve the air quality. Add elements of lighting that suit their purpose throughout the room, like a bright table lamp on your desk to illuminate your work, and softer lights to cosily brighten up the corners of your office. Add candles, vases and other small trinkets throughout the space to give it a homely, comfortable feel that will stimulate your creative mindset.

Lastly, remember that the ideal home office looks different to each one of us. Creating your ideal workspace is simply a matter of fusing your personal style with things that will encourage deep reflection as well as creativity, allowing you to be the best, most productive version of yourself.