Christmas Gift Guide

The Foodie

We all know that one person for whom food is an all-consuming passion: the one who asks for your opinion on new and experimental recipes, who loves spending hours in the kitchen whipping together delicious meals for everyone to enjoy, and who knows exactly what to order when trying out the new restaurant in town.

When looking for a gift for the Foodie in your life, it’s a good idea to have a look at the things they already own. What are they missing in their arsenal? Perhaps it’s some gorgeous, natural textiles in linen that they can use while cooking or to the set dinner table; a set of new kitchen tools in durable materials, like carbonized ash wood or stainless steel, that will be both stylish and practical for years to come; a kitchen rod that will bring a clean, modern look to their cooking space while displaying their favourite tools.



The Plant Whisperer

Is it possible to have too many plants? If you ask the Plant Whisperer, the answer will surely be ‘absolutely not!’. The Plant Whisperer is that person who is able to nurse even the most drooping houseplant back to health; whose windowsill is constantly filled with freshly cut seedlings, and who always mysteriously finds the perfect spot for new green friend – even when everyone else thinks there couldn’t possibly be any more room.

Instead of adding to the Plant Whisperer’s already extensive collection of flora (because, let’s be honest, they already do a proficient job of that themselves), try to look for some accessories to match their green passions. Planters and pots, for example, come in an array of different styles that all contribute to giving a plant a whole new expression. Alternatively, a new and stylish watering can act as a decorative item, while also gently reminding them to feed their green friends.



The Creative Mind

The Creative Mind is the person who typically does their best work after midnight. Their mind is always overflowing with wild and wonderful ideas, which is probably reflected in their home. What others may perceive as beautiful chaos, they view as ideal conditions to live, work and play in.

When contemplating the perfect gift for the Creative Mind, try to put yourself in their shoes: this person is probably not looking for something with stringent lines or minimalistic vibes, but rather something with unique shapes or patterns that reflects their one-of-a-kind mindset. Perhaps they would enjoy a new piece of furniture with an artistic and sculptural expression? Otherwise, lighting or accessories with organic, soft shapes inspired by nature will personalise their unique space even further.



The Minimalist

Structured lines, graphic shapes and a simple colour palette – chances are, we have just described the home of your favourite Minimalist. This is the person whose life is likely to be structured around a very detailed calendar, not because they are boring, but because they enjoy the tranquillity that order gives them. To sum up, it is the person who would do anything to avoid clutter – both in their mind and in their surroundings.

When shopping for the Minimalist, try to think ‘simple but beautiful’. Consider items in muted colours, luxurious materials and clean shapes. We suggest textiles in earthy colours made from natural materials such as cotton, linen or jute, or perhaps some beautifully simple storage options to help hide away the much-despised clutter.



The Little One

Do you have a special child in your life? If you are so lucky, this is likely one of the people that you really want to spoil this Christmas. The pure joy in the eyes and hearts of little ones at Christmastime serve to remind us all what the holiday season is really about – being together and spending time with those you love.

Picking a gift for the Little One can be a hard task. We suggest tapping into your own childlike imagination: how about a play kitchen with tools to match, allowing your little chef to whip up imaginative and fanciful new recipes? Perhaps they would like something that speaks to their inner explorer and turns their room into a wild Savannah? Or maybe they could use a new desk where they can doodle and let their imagination run free? The options are many!